Explaining to you how we’re different requires an explanation of what the “traditional” experience with a lawyer is like. If you’ve worked with a lawyer to prepare a Will, Trust, S-Corporation, LLC or any other legal documents for you in the past, this will sound familiar.

During the traditional experience, you’ll go in and meet with a lawyer who will oftentimes make things seem very complicated and confusing. Because you want to do the right thing for your family and for your business, you’ll have the lawyer prepare documents for you and you’ll sign the documents, feeling relieved you got THAT taken care of.

You might remember your lawyer said something about moving your bank accounts into your trust so you’ll go to the bank, forget what you were supposed to do, call your lawyer’s office, get a voicemail, have to leave the bank and wait for a call back, (which takes several hours at least and sometimes days) and by that time, you’ll have gotten busy with other things and never get around to moving that bank account. Later, you’ll get a bill in the mail for $67.50 for 15 minutes of your lawyer’s time for answering a couple of questions. You’ll make a mental note– don’t call lawyer ever again.

Several years later, you’ll refinance your house or sell it and buy a new one and forget that you were supposed to let your lawyer know or make sure you kept the title in the name of the trust. Your children will get older, making your guardianship choices outdated, but you don’t want to call your lawyer because you know you’ll get a bill in the mail two weeks later.

It’s not until you become incapacitated or die and your family finds the binder you stuck up on a shelf several years before and never looked at again, that they’ll realize your plan is so outdated that it has nothing to do with your life, your assets and the law.

Your family is at a loss. They don’t know where to turn or what to do, so they contact the same lawyer you used to prepare the documents, who is as happy as can be to probate your assets, which never made it into the trust.

Unfortunately, the legal industry was not designed to serve growing families who experience lots of change on their way to success. It was designed to serve 70 and 80 year olds who were preparing for death. Business lawyers are for the most part simply incorporating businesses, but not truly and proactively advising them during the process of growth. We are here to change this. Today. Right Now. 

Our Firm Prepares You for Life. 

What makes our firm different is that we were built with the needs of growing families in mind. You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your family and that your plan will work when your loved ones need it most. You want to make sure your children would be taken care of in the best way possible and will be prepared to receive your wealth if anything happens to you.

We encourage communication with our clients. In fact, we’ve thrown out the time clocks so you never have to be afraid to call with a quick question. Everything we do is billed on a flat-fee basis, agreed to in advance, so there are never any surprises.

We’ve created unique membership programs to keep your plan up to date year in and year out as well as give you access to our Trusted Team of Legal Experts for guidance on ANY legal or financial matter. One day you will need a lawyer. I don’t know why and I don’t know when, but when you do, you will be grateful you can call on us and we’ll be here to advise you.

Lastly, we believe your financial wealth is only a small part of your overall Family Wealth which is made up of your far more valuable, intellectual, spiritual and human assets – who you are and what’s important to you. We’ve developed a tool that allows us to pass on far more than just your money, but also your Whole Family Wealth. We’ll discuss more about these options when you come in for your appointment.
Kristen Boone
Kristen BooneAttorney and Owner
Planning for Everyone You Love and Everything You Have!

About Attorney Kristen Boone

Kristen is the founder of Boone Legal LLC, an estate planning and small business law firm that helps families and small businesses set the right legal foundations so that they can focus on what really matters most. She is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they navigate through difficult choices, and at times, difficult life events.

Kristen received her undergraduate degree from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She began her career in human resources, a field that she mostly stayed in until graduating from the University of Akron School of Law in 2014. Prior to starting Boone Legal LLC, Kristen worked as an associate attorney for Paul Miller Law Firm LLC.

It is her, and her firms, mission to provide her clients with such an exceptional experience that they can’t help but refer their friends and family to Boone Legal LLC. Outside the office Kristen enjoys cooking and renovating because, perhaps above all other things, she really loves it when a plan comes together.


Your financial wealth is only a small part of your overall “Family Wealth” which is made up of your far more valuable, Intellectual, Spiritual and Human assets – who you are and what’s important to you. Our motto is that we are humans first and lawyers second. We’d love to help you in any way that we can.